Clicktale’s free plan only allows you to see 2 page views per recording session. And that’s simply not enough to see if Clicktale is worth paying for. How are you supposed to decide whether to upgrade to a paid plan if you haven’t been able to gauge the power of the tool?

So, while you’re trying clicktale out, use this javascript bookmarklet to reveal the hidden page views. It simply hides the box that covers the screen after 2 pages have been seen. Drag the link below up to your browser bar, then you’ll have a button that you can press at the beginning of every playback which will prevent the box!

Unhide Clicktale

I DO NOT CONDONE USING THIS TO GET CLICKTALE FOR FREE. Please only use it as a tool to help you decide whether you want to purchase a real plan.

Note: I’ve only tested this in Google Chrome. If it works/doesn’t work in other browsers please let me know.

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