Jul 032008

I recently came across 2 blog posts which I found extremely refreshing. They have to do with people working their lives away so they can retire as soon as possible. Here are a few quotes from them…

Most people are still buying into the same old industrial age myth of “work sucks, so do as little of it as you can so you can live your life when you aren’t working.”

For years, we have been taught that work is something you have to do … so that you can do what you really want while you are not working.

I think a quote from Earl Nightingale is appropriate here.
“In an age where we’ve come to nearly deify leisure time, we’ve almost lost sight of the fact that virtually all of our satisfactions, rewards will come not from our leisure, but from our work.”

Life shouldn’t be wasted working towards for your retirement, it should be spent doing things you love.

There have been lots of positive comments, including this one:

Excellent! I am in the process of starting my own business, a bakery, because it is my passion and I love doing it. Living life day to day and being unhappy doing so isn’t what life is about. Have fun everyday, every hour, every minute. Thats what it is about.

I hope to be there one day…

Here are the original links:



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